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Experience managed Plesk -
simplified administration

No data loss thanks to regular backups
Enterprise grade 32 low-latency datacenters
From ordering to operation, we are there for you

  2 CPU Cores
  4,096 MB Memory
  80GB SSD Storage
  04TB Outgoing Traffic
Friendly site management interface gives you full control to add or remove
email accounts and domain names, as well as manage your files and MySQL databases and much more.
CloudLinux OS Optional

Isolates each customer into a separate LVE, which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources

Imunify360 Security Suite Optional

Algorithms to identify patterns of abnormal behavior in near real-time to quickly prevent attacks

Cloud Backup Pro Included

Premier backup system providing an ease of use experience to manage your accounts backups

Let’s Encrypt SSL Included

A free SSL certificate that provides security for your website domains and subdomains

LiteSpeed Web Server Optional

Conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, compatibility, or convenience

Softaculous Auto Installer Optional

Easy to follow installer for hundreds of applications; your next project is only a few clicks away

WordPress Toolkit Included

Management & security tool to mass-manage & secure your WordPress instances, plugins & themes

Lightweight and Decentralized by Nature

Achieve maximum uptime and avoid single point of failure by having web server, DNS and email services on independent platforms.

Harness the performance of cloud server

Focus on your business while having your infrastructure managed by our team of dedicated system administrators

Protected from DNS-based DDoS attacks

Route visitors to the closest nameserver; reduce latency and improve performance with 29 AnyCast data centers on 6 continents

Ensuring flawless delivery of your emails

Time lost due to dealing with spam is reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing you to concentrate on your business tasks. learn more

Why we should make use of decentralized method?

For instance, when you do host website content, DNS and email on same server -

1. In case the server goes down, causing downtime for website, DNS and email at same time. you won't be able to utilize email service
in order to notify clients about caused interruption in service.

2. In same instance except email service is hosted on another platform; also do results in same situation.
because MX records are mentioned in DNS server and DNS service is down.


Our team do analyse your web application behavior and perform optimal tuning for consistently leveraging foremost performance from all resources

Security Audits

Sophisticated security measures being implemented to establish server integrity

Snapshot Backup

In the event anything happens to your server, entire server image can be restored

Active Monitoring

Get Round the clock monitoring of the cloud instance and web application

Incident Response

In the case of any issues, we’ll uncover what’s wrong and quickly solve those issues.

Malware Cleanup

Safely remove any malicious code in your website file system and database

Patching and Updates

Applications and OS updates, and ongoing fine tuning of the server will be managed

Leveraging enterprise-grade public cloud infrastructure to deliver the optimal speed and performance of your website to both clients and visitors. Choose the best location for your users from 32 low-latency datacenters.

Helsinki, Finland

Paris, France

Falkenstein, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

Nuremberg, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Warsaw, Poland

Madrid, Spain

London, United Kingdom

Brisbane, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Perth, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Bangalore, India

Delhi, India

Jaipur, India

Mumbai, India

Pune, India

Raipur, India

Tokyo, Japan

Singapore, Singapore

Toronto, Canada

Fremont, California

Los Angeles, California

San Francisco, California

San Jose, California

Silicon valley, California

Miami, Florida

Chicago, Illinois

Newark, New Jersey

New York

Dallas, Texas


You will love the exceptionally fantastic support from our in-house team that enables us to become extension of your business

In-house Team

We don't outsource our support engineers, never have and never will

First-class Support

Resolve your technical issues with friendly, fast, and unlimited support — 24/7

Painless Migration

Goes through validation process with personal care, leaving no chance for an error

Pro-active Monitoring

Around the clock web application monitoring so you can have the peace of mind

Business Consultation

Expert recommendations, easy-to-understand explanations, and uncomplicated advice

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Your websites and apps are protected by our 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement