Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

Designed to meet the demands of secure, compliant IT services and applications

Cloud IaaS

Highly scalable, secure and compliant Infrastructure

Managed VPS

Designed To Provide Raw Power and Efficient Workflow

  Powered by OnApp

Excellent KVM | Xen hypervisor orchestrated by OnApp

  Intel Cores

Latest generation Intel Xeon CPUs guarantee consistent performance

  Infinitely Scalable

Upgrade or downgrade the size of your server Instantly

  Blazing fast SSDs

All instances are backed by SSDs for maximum throughput

  Premium Network

Fully redundant and fault tolerant network ensures low latency

  Load Balancer

Let us create your managed, load-balanced, highly-available environment

  2 CPU Cores
  2048 MB Memory
  30GB SSD Storage
  4TB Outgoing Traffic

Powerful Control Panel

The VPS Control Panel provides server power control, resource allocation, usage graphs, OS reload, assigned IPs and HTML5 console access

  • Stop/Start/Reboot
  • Reinstall OS
  • Enable TUN/TAP
  • Network Graphs
  • Resource Statistics
  • Reset Root Password

Professional email

Full featured email accounts for all clients. Our email servers are located in Amsterdam and are completely separated from our cloud servers

  • Modern webmail app
  • Secure, reliable, GDPR compliant
  • Anti Identity Spoofing
  • 10 mailboxes per domain
  • 2GB disk space per mailbox

Steadfast assistance

You will love the exceptionally fantastic support from our in-house team that enables us to become extention of your business

  • Personalized Support
  • Migration assistance
  • Business consultation
  • Via ticket support, live chat
  • Skype, telegram notifications
  • Always be with you

Your Choice of OS

Select the Operating System for your virtual machine based on your needs. Although FreeBSD, CentOS, and Ubuntu are the most popular choices, there are a number of options available such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CloudLinux, Arch Linux, Slackware, Scientific Linux Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE and more…

Red Hat