Client Success Stories

We are proud to enable our clients reach their business goals by providing them with top-notch managed hosting services and extraordinary support on the way. Read client success stories below.


By Chris in May, 2021

I recently took up their developer plan and the support is amazing. Team helped me get setup immediately and gave me hands on help when I struggled with a few pieces. Highly recommend this service!

By Anthony in May, 2021

I am always amazed at the personal live support l recieve from cloudean. Wow this is an unparalleled customer service.


By Goh in October, 2019

My fault on missing their email on the payment for almost 3 months! Once I realised the email was sent to another less frequently used email, I made the payment immediately and they got the site up in minutes! The Super staff Mery also help me changed the email address so that I won’t be caught in the same situation again, and also answered all my questions and was very patient at this time of the night. Thank you.

By Joe in December, 2016

We host with various companies around the world but always recommend Cloudean where possible. The features, support and prices can't be beat. And the server locations allow us to place right next to our clients target markets.


By Alfian in October, 2018

I'm a student/freelancer from Singapore.
I just go ahead and tried it, and it was legitimately the best decision I've made regarding web hosting. The service is just top notch!
In terms of speed, I am using one of their servers in Singapore since I'm from Singapore, and the speed is top notch. No lags on a decent wifi, and WordPress sites surprisingly load extremely fast here (like, in an instant fast).
In summary, they are the absolute best in everything, and I'll have to admit this is bias considering I've not even tried any other of those top web hosting websites. I initially wanted to use SiteGround or the website with the Turbo plan or something (I've forgot what's the name), but I have absolutely no regrets in choosing Cloudean. Please go ahead and try Cloudean, they are such wonderfully helpful, humble people.


By Satish in December, 2017

When i was new, I care a lot about cheap hosting, I searched and found a lot of them are cheap in price and also cheap in Reliability. They restrict everything like files, inodes, entry processes, bandwidth, whatever is there in Cpanel. I kept migrating to other hosting companies. Someday, i found Cloudean Hosting through a search.
At first, i took a shared hosting from them, Their Cpanel felt great because there are no limits in Cpanel except File Storage. Later, My sites started to grow day by day, My sites reached to 500 Simultaneous users. I was happy that i got no ban or no resource limit reached. At that time my sites loading speeds are around 1.2 - 2 sec (it varies from site to site and code involved).
Recently i took a VPS from them, it is even faster. Now some of my sites are loading almost equal to 1 sec, and few are at 1.1 - 1.5 sec. Overall, i am happy with everything, One more thing i should tell is, After i came to Cloudean i never searched for any other hosting company till now.


By Han in January, 2018

When I start to find money with instant article. I was facing many problem by using other host.
Then I changed to use CLOUDEAN INFOTECH.
SO good. I got many knowledge about instant-articles from live chat.
If you are not have enough WP knowledge. Use this servie and ask every thing about web on live chat. You can manage your site by chating on live chat. CLOUDEAN INFOTECH will set everything for you.


By Soe in July, 2020

Dear cloudean, You are the best cloud sever in the world. The service is also very good. It is convenient to pay. It's great to talk to customers too, so I love this service.

By Mayura in March, 2020

Cloudean is one of the best hosting providers. I have purchased my hosting from them and I am very happy with their support.

By Rahul in October, 2018

Hello guys, I am Rahul Jashprit - Usning their 1st Configure Sever last few months, Server is 100% Satisfactory [ the guy is very much supportive] i love to stay with them froever.