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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert a Snapshot to a template?
Creating your own templates is a great way to clone or replicate a server for work, testing or pre production / new versions. You can also use the system to create your own 'Master' templates with the exact config you need, and anything required to run your solution pre-installed. Navigate to Backups. On the list of snapshots, click the Convert to Template option next to the backup you wish to convert; Confirm the Label you wish to use for the template, and the platform will prepare it for you. Once ready, the template will appear in a new 'Templates' Menu under storage and will be available in the server built or rebuild drop down.
Where are snapshots and custom templates stored?
We use separate, dedicated NAS arrays to store your backups, ensuring you have immunity from any potential SAN or primary disk issues. The NAS arrays are colocated on site with the clouds, but in seperate racks. You have a set amount of Snapshot storage in your resource pool, which you can scale if you need more..