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Build Your Own Cloud

Our cloud hosting platform giving business true flexibility and elasticity to adjust their IT services to meet changing business demands. Helping you exceed the demands of today's always-on world.

Flexible Cloud

Starting at 10$ per month

2 vCPU Cores 2048 MB Memory

30 GB SSD Storage 4 TB Outbound Transfer

vCPU Core
Per Unit @ 4$ per month
Per Unit @ 8$ per month
SSD Storage
Per 10GB @ 2$ per month
Per Unit @ 3$ per month

We operate cloud platforms in the 17 Cities of 3 continents. We select only top tier data centers that can provide 100% uptime on power and network, to complement our resilient cloud deployments. Click here to know detailed information about our data center Facilities.

The benefits of deploying cloud at cloudean

Cloud Infrastructure

The latest generation HP BL460 Blade servers with Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 processors. Excellent KVM | Xen hypervisor orchestrated by OnApp.

Cloud Storage

Enterprise HP SSD arrays with only datacenter grade SSD drives. NAS storage for archive, backup and low cost media storage.

Instant Scalability

On demand, grow or shrink resources based on your needs. Save time and stress by deploying our one-click templates.

Virtual Datacenter

Complete control over resource pool. Create one or several servers with the right amount of resources you need.

Premium Network

Multiple 10Gbps networks and 500Mbps public uplinks with 1Gbps private LANs at no additional cost.

Performance Accelerator

21 node Global AnyCast DNS platform to ensure that our clients have the fastest, most secure and most reliable websites out there.

Fully White Label

Setup your own private name servers using our unbranded and white label IP ranges.

Data Protection & Privacy

Non US, non DMCA, non Patriot Act, non PRISM. We value and protect your privacy and the security of your data.

At Your Disposal...

Windows OS
@ 10.97$ per month
Starting @ 7.15$ per month
Plesk Onyx
Starting @ 4.39$ per month
@ 11$ per month
@ 2.25$ per month
@ 1.50$ per month
Domain Name
.com @ 8.89$ per year
SSL Certificate
Starting @ 4.12$ per year

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a resource pool? How many servers can I run?
A resource pool is just a flexible virtual 'bucket' of CPUs, RAM, Storage space and IPs - all the elements needed to build cloud servers. From your available pool, you can build what you need - one huge server, or lots of small ones, or anything in between. There are no set plan, no set server specifications. Flexibiity - at great prices!
Can I add and remove resources anytime I like?
Yes! You can access the resource tab in your account at any time and add/remove any component. You will be charged or credited a daily amount based on the change, pro-rated to your next normal billing cycle.
What is my monthly Transfer limit?
Inbound transfer is unmetered. If you plan using a lot of traffic between your servers on the same cloud location, we can provide you a private LAN for free inter server traffic. Generous 2TB of outbound transfer per month, per GB RAM allocated to your server for most locations, and 1TB outbound transfer for Premium Locations. Maximum / Peak usage is 5Mbps per GB RAM allocated to your server for most locations and 2Mbps per GB RAM for Premium Locations. If you need high dedicated transit, talk to us about private uplinks.
What about Firewalls?
Included free with all machines you built - a complete platform based firewall lets you offload port, service and IP filtering to the cloud, rather than your own machine. Configure rules for ICMP, TCP and UDP, and by source IP or range, to destination ports.
Do you backup my data?
We provide inclusive Snapshot storage space[50GB] with all accounts, and you have full use of our SnapShot engine - which you can use to take an image of your server at any time, or schedule it to happen for you. Snapshots can be used as backups, to rollback a server, or to clone or replicate a machine (and can even be converted to templates, as a ‘master’ server image for horizontal scaling). Snapshots are a great tool, but they are no substitute for your own backup planning, and file / database level backups.
Do you have an SLA for uptime?
Yes, cloudean provides a 100% Uptime Guarantee on all our Hardware and on Network Connectivity. In any given month, if your server is offline due to a our unscheduled hardware failure, or an unscheduled failure of the our network for more than 0.01% of the time (4 minutes), you may request a pro-rata credit for the down time. Specific exclusions exist where the cloudean network is working normally, but upstream issues, such as a Datacentre or Carrier failure or DDOS is impacting customer routes to the cloud.