AnyCast DNS

Global. Performance. Redundancy.

A Performance Accelerator

Anycast DNS is a powerful solution that accelerates the traditional functioning of DNS servers, providing faster response times during the initial hits to your websites, from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of deploying cloud at cloudean

Complete Freedom

Create as many records as required, handle as many queries as required and manage all of your domains associated services.

Secure Network

Maintain high levels of availability and security, with minimal latency impacts, so your service is never down-and-out.

Premium Network

Multiple 10Gbps networks and 500Mbps public uplinks with 1Gbps private LANs at no additional cost.

Exclusive Access

Active cloud, shared host user can enjoy benefits of Anycast DNS service at no addional cost.

A Global Footprint!

Upon Activation, you will automatically see your DNS record replicated in the 21 following cities.
Amsterdam, Netherlands Berlin, Germany
Bucharest, Romania Dallas, United States
Ekaterinburg, Russia Frankfurt, Germany
Gothenburg, sweden Hong Hong, China
London, United Kingdom Los Angeles, United States
Miami, United States Moscow, Russia
San Jose, United States Sao Paolo, Brazil
Seattle, United States Singapore, SG
Stockholm, Sweden Sydney, Australia
Toronto, Canada Ukraine
Washington, United States

Frequently Asked Questions

What Zones can I manage?
Pretty much all of them! From AAAA to SPF and everything in between.
How to manage Anycast DNS records?
Anycast DNS Is managed service. whenever you want to use anycast service - provide us DNS records...we will activate / update them for you.
How to use Anycast DNS service?
Simply Raise Support Request to activate Anycast DNS Service. We will Guide you for further process which is Quick and Simple. Whenenver you want to add , remove or update DNS zone, simply info us.
How to use cloudflare railgun with Premium Anycast DNS service?
It is Recommended to use our Premium Anycast DNS service for heavy traffic web apps. Simply Raise Support Request to activate Cloudflare Railgun with Anycast DNS Service. It is Quick and Simple. Whenenver you want to add , remove or update DNS zone, simply info us.